Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mexico R02: Kramnik, Anand win.

Well, that's what is called spectacular!!! Fighting chess in round 2! Vladimir Kramnik destroyed Alexander Morozevich with an unexpected (maybe home-cooked?) knight sacrifice, that led to a very unclear position, but Moro went down on the clock, made some poor moves and all ended quickly. Vishy Anand, simply outplayed his Armenian opponent on a black side of a Semi-slav.
He played a strong novelty which required precise play for White, but Aronian wasn't up to the task.
Svidler tried to squueze a win against Peter Leko, but you know how difficult it is to beat Leko in technical positions...
Gelfand-Grischuk was the only game where there was no real fight.
Well, another 12 rounds like this, and Mexico 2007 will be remembered as the greatest chess tournament ever played!

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Anonymous said...

I agree it's a great tournement.