Monday, July 30, 2007

Intensive Training

In this month I will do an intensive tactical training to win the tournament I've spoken about, so I will have less time to post here. I beg you pardon, but stay tuned for the results, photos, and games. I will also keep posting the nunn's puzzles and endgame studies.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Worst Rating Ever

Today after an unprecedented series of 10 succesive defeats I reached my worst rating peak in the server! 1777, ten losses, pieces losses like a patzer... Perhaps they were right saying I started too late... I'm training very hard and the results is that I'm worse than when I started. Perhaps i should give up my too ambitious dream to become a GM.....
If I don't wake up EARLY, it will remain a dream FOREVER...

Monday, July 23, 2007

#1 Chess Study

It's often boring to study endgame, isn't it? But it's tremendously useful to improve our chess understanding and positional intuition. So, a funny way to study endgame is to resolve endgame studies, which in the meantime will also improve your tactics.
I took this studies from Kusnetsov's book 'Brilliant Chess Studies', but as it is only a collection of the greatest chess studies, there's no violation of copyright.
If no one find the complete solution I'll post it in a week.
Enjoy the Fantastic World of Chess Studies!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

#2 Problem - Hint

Okay, since no one has posted the solution
to the second problem I give you the hint:
"The first point to note is that Black's king has a possible escape route to e4, so White's first move must either prevent Ke4 or prepare a reply to it. The second point is that if White loses control of c4 or e6 then Black can give a discover check by moving his king. However composers love an element of paradox in their problems, so..."
(taken from Chessmaster 9000)

When Garry Got Really Upset...

ahah Kasparov is too funny when he makes a blunder... he really doesn't want to lose from anyone!
I keep falling off my chair when I watch this video.
You can find the complete game here, the blunder is on move 33 (Qxe3) not seeing the discover attack (Qg4). Don't worry Garry, you are still the greatest player in the history of the game!

Kasparov in Milan

Garry Kasparov, my chess hero, on the 29th of June went to my hometown, Milan, to sign autographs and make photos and I...WAS NOT THERE!!!!!!!
Damn it! I was in holiday very far from Milan (I was in Boston, USA) so I couldn't see the greatest player of all the time right there, in my city... I hope he'll come back in Italy, I won't surely miss another occasion to speak to my chess idol.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fischer Random Chess

Without any doubts it is fun, being a purely tactical affair from move one. I'm talking about Fischer Random Chess (also called Chess960), a variant of the game where piece placement is randomly determined before each game. It has been created by Bobby Fischer to eliminate opening preparation and quick draws (it's too comlicated to make a draw on move 20!!).
I think it's a good game but it cannot replace the entire game of chess, it cannot delete two century of history. Is the opening preaparation killing chess (only at supergm level of course)? Well, no problem; just play an UNCOMMON opening and demonstrate your superior strenght on UNCOMMON grounds. What do you think about this?

#2 John Nunn's Favourite Chess Puzzles

Ok, the first one was really too easy, so I post the second which is both more difficult and more instructive. I think resolving a problem is very useful to gain confidence, develop calculation ability and tactical intuition. So, why not to try? If you cannot find it, I'll give you a hint in a couple of days.

Calendar Update

Unfortunately I had to drop the tournament I've spoken about due to travelling problems...
But I've already found another insteresting tournament with very strong international players partecipating in. I'm going to partecipate and I'm going to WIN THIS FUCKING TOURNAMENT!!
Stay tuned for results and games! (It starts on the second half of August.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's Worth Risking!

I've just read a very interesting article by computer scientist Darse Billings, on Chessbase
that speaks about different types of chess styles and their relationship with tournaments results. It turns out that a tactical oriented player who takes many risks during a tournament has more possibility to win that tournament, even if he's not the strongest player.
And a classical player, who doesn't risk too much and draws more games, even if he's the strongest player has less probability to win (an example for this in modern chess could be Wch Vladimir Kramnik). All is demonstrated by statistic means in that article.'s worth risking!!!

#1 Kasparov's Greatest Games

I'll post you the analysis I made on Kasparov's games (as I said, he's my favourite player), integrating with Fritz analysis and some commentaries I read in books. But the main work would be mine; so if you find mistakes in my analysis, please post a comment with your correction!
I'll start with a tactical slugfest, an example of how to play against the Samisch Variation of the King's Indian Defense.
Tbilisi 1976
1. d4 Nf6
2.c4 g6
3.Nc3 Bg7
4.e4 d6
5.f3 Nc6

(still analyzing.... Soon I'll post the complete game.)

Ct-Art Level 10 Done

I'll post the results of the training section with CT-Art.
This is the first level, very easy problems, in test mode; these are the results:
Level 10
N° 110
Perf. 2335
Succ. 100%

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

#1 John Nunn's favourite chess puzzles

I'll post once a week a problem taken from '50 John Nunn's favoutite chess puzzles'. (They're all 'WHITE TO PLAY AND MATE IN TWO').
Post the solution in the comments (don't use engines please!).
Let's start with an easy one:

Monday, July 16, 2007

Questionnaire tag

Here are my answers to Blue Devil Knight’s questionnaire tag.
I tag Atomic Patzer, that let me know this interesting questionnaire.

1. How long have you been playing chess? Have you played it consistently since you started, or were there lulls in your play? How did these lulls affect your performance?
I started tournament play 2 years ago. I played and I will play it consistently because I want to demonstrate that even if I started too late I can still become a GM!
2. Aside from playing games, what is your primary mode of training?
I do a lot of tactical training with Chess Tactics Server and CT-Art3.0; and I read books, analyzing GM games.
3. What is the single most helpful method of improvement that you have ever used?
Tactics exercices. I wanna become a machine!!!
4. What is your favorite opening to play as white? As black against e4? As black against d4?
I played only 1.e4 so far, but I'm studying 1.d4 Kasparov-way now. Against 1.e4 the Sicilian, usaually the Najdorf or the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon; against d4 the King's Indian Defense and the Grunfeld -studying the Nimzo-Indian now
5. Who is your favorite chess player and why?
Kasparov. He's simply the 'greatest player ever in the history of the game'. His concentration, tactical virtuosism, opening preparation are simply matchless.
6. What is your favorite chess book?
'Kasparov Teaches Chess'. For his personal value, as it was my first chess book.
7. What book would you recommend for a friend who knows only the rules of chess?
I recommend 'Kasparov Teaches Chess' to the beginners, it shows you how the really good players play chess and give advices about training.
8. Do you play in in-person tournaments? What is your favorite tournament experience?
Yes I play in OTB tournaments. The tournament where I liked the atmosphere and the people was Erba 2006. But the torunaments where I played better was Melegnano 2006, where I made any tipe of risky moves and I won games after games (I closed with 6 out of 7).
9. Please give us a link to what you consider your best two blog posts (on your own blog).
I started my blogs today, and I do not consider one of my posts to be better than the others. I'll update this statement in the next few weeks!
10. What proportion of total chess time should be spent studying openings for someone at your level?
I think no more than 20%. I spend the remaining time on tactics tactics tactics!!!
But I don't read opening books, I study openings analyzing GM games.

Open Bergamo

This will be my next tournament. I would play in the open A to start playing with someone really strong, but unfortunately I have to gain some money to my travel in the United States (I came back the 3rd of July), so I must play in the open B and win the first prize.
Stay tuned for the results and games!

Chess Tactics Server

That's my rating chart of the main website I use for training, the Chess Tactics Server. It's a great tool because it teaches you to think faster and faster, as you usually have 3-5 secs to resolve a tactical problem.

+400 in 2 years!

These are all the tournaments I played:








CIG UNDER 16 -36








In Italy a new player starts from 1440; I started on August 3rd 2005, so I gained 400 ELO points in less than 2 years! I must keep this speed! I started too late, eh?

Chess Ratings

In the column on the right I'll update my ratings, to trace my progress 'on the road to GM'.
At the time of writing my ratings are these:
ELO Fide: 1822 (my first FIDE rating.)
Chess Tactics Server: 1618
Playchess Blitz: 1861
Playchess Bullet: 1961
CT Art: 2012

First post!

I'm a 16 year old chess fan from Italy. My biggest dream is to become a GM, but many people said me I started too late (I played my first tournament 2 years ago). In this blog I'll trace my rating progresses to realize my dream. I'll discuss with you about all that's chess related, such as super-GM tournaments, my games, chess training, chess problems, photos from my tournaments, humour and some politics.
So, if you are a fan of chess, come here and share your knoweldge!